Bad poetry and Just Sitting - blog journey portraying the coarse and subtle levels of the phenomena called Mind-Body

Friday, September 30, 2011

Timeless actuality

Out of darkness
Shine and bright

Nowness creeping
Into light

Shadows turning
Into morning dew

Everything is wet
And so anew

Mind is looking
Into the sky

In a moment
Blink of an eye

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Silence rising
From the bones
Marrow long gone
Into dust

Tunder passed
Away with lust
Mental image
Fabrication afloat

Wind is quiet
Silence lingers
Awaiting the next
Arising storm

Fist in the stomack

Vibrating shatter
Fist in the stomack
Towards the freedom
There is no sight

Just like a fleeting
Thought in the backround
Friends passing through it
Shadows dead now

Sounds of silence
Filling the skull
Echo thining out
From fields of sorrow

Fist in the stomack

One smile

Like a sunrise
Always new
Springs from silence
One smile for you

Blissful smile

Growing silence
Growing stillness
Expanding space
Propelled by
The blissful smile

Dukkha Nana

Under the skin
Like ants
Willing to escape
The sodom

Creeping sleezy
Breath behind
The neck
Sweathing cold

Drumming closing
In the scull
Pressing the nerv
Always there

Sitting inside
The freezer alone
The self is clenching
The bathroom door

Does it ever
Disappear in the clouds
As a memory
Of the Dark Night

Sinking in
The solid place
Where eyes see not
The new born day

Universe is
Behind the eyeballs
Never still
All melts into abstract


There is hair
There are ears
There is face
There are lips

There is neck
There is throat
There are shoulders
There are lungs

There is spine
There is skull
There are fingers
There is tong

There are teeth
There are eyeballs
There are innards
There are legs

There are nails
There are toes
There is skin
There is no mind to be found


You know ...

There are things and there are things, yes?
Then there are those things and these things, right?
What is there is not here
And what is here is there, isnt that so?


When these are not here those things
Seem happening, or?
Then it goes up goes front and backwards
Ending only a few feet down the road, what?

You know ... ?

Brothers in arms


God and Devil
Brothers in arms
Birth and death
Is their spree

Throwing ideas
At each other
Never ending
Fate and hate

One Mother
Made them both
Who she is
No one knows



The sound of imminence
Within dark rays
Upon what builds
The cycling wheel

Through the canyon
Of memories
Long gone
Dead labyrinths

Screeming horses
Right through mountain
Passing is near
The candle is burning

Walking down the path
Wet feet stamping
The mind
Exploding into the star-lit sky

Contemplative Poem

Depth seem shallow
Breath gone long
Utterly misplaced
Behind the sun.

Focus sqeezing through
The dried eye balls
Crying upwards
Its raining down

Silence in non-motion
Fluttering butterfly
Leaving a powdery trace
A thin yellow line

Stopping clouds
Freezing time
Just a breath
The train goes on

Nothing lasts
This train goes wild
Butterfly life
Is bond to pass

Panoramic view

In the smoke
Of sun rise
Shiney eyes
Break the day

Parting from
Last concrete
Wall made
Of ignorance n greed

Falling low
Up and high
The Buddha is
On the ground

Blowing throat
Stomack deep
Behind the eyes
Shadow walking

With ease of
Broken try
Clouds are passing
Coming back

Heavy head
Shoulders attached
On the rope
Lots of fat

Panoramic view
There's no way
To see
Cold fog

Numbing thoughts

If there is
Whats below
On the sky

Just like that
Is it now
Rather low

Feeling ends
Birds song
In dead end

Off the edge
Dust and bones
Sleeping show

Fly, fly, fly
Down the hole
Lost in space

Breath dawning
rather shy
box of cigarettes

On the way

On the way
To enlightenment
Falling useless
Amongs the divine

And then it
Just like no-time
At least for several
Points in the deep

Do you hear it
Just like talking
In the night
Of the moon

It sure is there
Just like a token
Down the dusty
Way of thought
Must have sought

Creeping is there
Not for long
As it rises
From the top

Do you hear me
This gray world
Far and wide
Sliding slope
Near the bed

Creation of energy

Chewing once
What life was
Down the throat
Sliding elements

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling heavy

In the middle
People mixing
Names and habits
There is tension

In the center
Belly shaking
Cold breath
Palm is open

In within
All which cares
Shadowed down
The crystal rain

The thoughts
Pooring out
The deep sorrow
Feeling heavy

Sunday, September 18, 2011


One foot
Trapped in
The rituals
And dreams
Trying hard

Other foot
Stuck in
The grave
Of dead ideas
Wanting peace

And just
Like that
A smile
Breaks free
From imitations