Bad poetry and Just Sitting - blog journey portraying the coarse and subtle levels of the phenomena called Mind-Body

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Bee and The Pesticides

I flew out of the darkness of my home
Into the morning Sun
So bright and warm

Spreading my buzz
Into the wet morning air
Pollen and Nectar is all I'm to wear

I fly so high
Into the vast blue sky
Bathing in the light breeze
Rushing my wings with ease

I lend on the flower
So golden so sweet
It gives me such power
To feed my Queen's fleet

I'm drinking from the flower
Unaware of its lure
Filling my body with nectar
which isn't so pure

My body falls to ground
Wings grow cold and still
My sisters will join me in the grave
The poison had made its kill

The Caged Bird

I opened the bird-cage door today
Releasing the caged bird
With golden feathers
And freckled head

I was the one
Who caged this beauty
The first day she began to fly
Flying towards the vast
Blue sky

But I caught her
In the air
Before she could reach the sky
with my bare hands
and asked the golden bird
"May I"
she answered "You may"
and I locked her
into the cage
of our relationship.

But today
After many years of captivity
Bursting out of her cage
She flies away
Into the vast Blue sky
For the very first time