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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Dhammic Song of The Buddhas

Such joy is pervading each cell in this body,
each trace of restlessness and doubt
is dispersed by simply reading
Buddha's words in the Suttas.

I had no ears and no eyes to hear
nor see His Dhamma
something happened and the same words
sound so familiar as if I'v heard them before.

I used to search erratically for answers
in all the wrong directions
until I exhausted them all,
just to find all of the answers
in one go when I fell down in defeat.
How humbling and beautiful.

He speaks with such harmony
elevating the sense of well being,
gladness and goodwill.

I woke up this morning
traces of restlessness
kneeled down in Seiza
opening the pages
releasing the songs of
All The Buddhas
blowing away with ease
the seemingly impenetrable
wall of restlessness and doubt.

Up the river,
on and on,
The Practice carries on,
on the Dhammic raft.

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