Bad poetry and Just Sitting - blog journey portraying the coarse and subtle levels of the phenomena called Mind-Body

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stream Entry

Rejoicing tears falling
Down the cheek
Gliding into
A cascade of sensations
Arising like shooting stars
Just to burn out into nothingness
Giving space to a newly born one.

The Doubt so clenching
With steal like coldness
Dissipates by Faith
Into a star-lit sky
Oh, how beautiful it is
To open the ears & eyes at last
Hearing the Dhamma
From his mouth
Seeing the Sangha
In his eyes.

The separate self
First cold than hot
First hot than cold
In constant conflict
Falls down on knees
In the realm of Hell
In humbling defeat
The Buddha is near.

Awake, awake
The doorkeeper dwells
Setting the lit eye
On the six doors
Guarding 'em safely
From the invading
Army of Mara's
The liberation is near.

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